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As a member you will find a community of dance business professionals, resources to market, brand and build efficiency and the opportunity to network with dance studio owners from across the globe.

The member of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association is a dance school owner who is seeking professional growth, greater efficiency in studio management and a deepened passion for the art of dance.

It's time for school owners to come together to do what's right for all those involved in the dance education field!


$1,188 for full I.D.E.A. membership Paid in monthly installments: $99/month Paid annually: $1,089 (save $99)

Member benefits will include:

  • E-Learning and training seminars
  • Monthly webinars with Rhee Gold and guests
  • A studio wwner networking forum
  • Downloadable business resources
  • Extensive marketing collateral
  • Unique membership discounts
  • Regional business owner events
  • DanceLife Retreat Center discounts 
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Our Mission

To protect the reputation of dance education by setting a high standard for safe and fair business practices. Making a commitment to insure all students, regardless of age or skill level are offered a quality dance education.

 To assist in the member’s growth of business, school organization and ability to create a positive culture that fosters successful dance students while always maintaining a professional and supportive environment.

 To come together to share the latest trends, business concepts, and build camaraderie among other studio owners

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